Read Viewed Consumed 2020-06

King, 100 pp.

King, 100 pp.

Tolstoy, 25 pp.
King, 40 pp.: Why did I start reading this? Because I couldn’t sleep and needed something desperately to consume my attention away from what was keeping me from sleeping. Hegel can’t do that.

Still from the short film Street of Crocodiles (1985), avec mis-en-scène par les fréres Quay
Street of Crocodiles (1985)

King, 20 pp.
Rousseau, 10 pp.
This Unnameable Little Broom (1985)
Stille Nacht 1 (1988)
A Dog’s Life (1918): Charlie Chaplin’s hilarious narrative of a tramp and his dog.

A Dog's Life (1918) with Charlie Chaplin
A Dog’s Life (1918) with Charlie Chaplin

Hegel, 5 pp.
King, Insomnia, 80 pp.

Air Force One (1997): If I’d seen this before, I do not recall it. And I wish I’d continued that unknowing.

Mandalorian, 1.7
Tolstoy, 5 pp.

Still from The Lineup (1958)
Still from The Lineup (1958): Where explanation meets death

The Lineup (1958): Did you know that Eli Wallach was in some non-Westerns?
NYRB on elder Michelangelo

Still from The Living End (1992)
Still from The Living End (1992)

Finished Machen
The Living End (1992): The apotheosis of the vapidity of the 1990s. Road trips and guns.
Lady and the Tramp (1955), the beginning and end

Rousseau, 20 pp.
Machen, 50 pp.
Yojimbo (1961): I cannot presently call when I first watched this movie (late 1990s probably), but I know that it was one of the first Kurosawa films I’d ever seen and nothing’s been the same ever since.
Tolstoy, 10 pp.
Arendt, The Human Condition, 5 pp.

Still from Yojimbo (1961)
Still from Yojimbo (1961)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012): …
Machen, “The Three Imposters”, 50 pp.

Machen, “The Shining Pyramid”
Finished Greene
Rousseau, 18 pp.
Machen, “The Three Imposters”, 1st three chs.

Machen, “The Inmost Light”
Greene, 45 pp.
Hegel, 5 pp.

Title page of the German version of Hegel's Encyclopedia (1817)
Title page of the German version of Hegel’s Encyclopedia (1817)

Machen, The Great God Pan, 40 pp.
Rousseau, 2 pp.

Machen, The Great God Pan, 80 pp.
Finished Machen, The White People
Finished Camus

Rousseau, 10 pp.
Machen, 10 pp.

Still from a Quay Brother's film
Still from a Quay Brother’s film

Hegel, §79-83
Street of Crocodiles (1985): Now for something completely different.
Anamorphosis (1991): Can anyone get enough of this?

Hegel, Encyclopedia, §48-60
Rousseau, 5 pp.
Machen, 4 pp.

Machen, The White People, 28 pp.: Not what it sounds like.
The Mandalorian, 1.4: I cannot believe I just watched the 21st century, Star Wars equivalent of any random episode of the A-Team.

Sherlock Jr. (1924), 45 minutes
The General (1927), last 30 minutes: Lucian loves this movie, despite the fact that Buster Keaton’s character is unquestionably on the wrong side
Jigoku (1960): Done. Moving on. Without this, probably no Takashi Miike.

Still from Jigoku (1960)
Still from Jigoku (1960)

Finished Cather
Inside Man (2006): This movie is worth rewatching.

Cather, 20 pp.

Finished Machen
Kuhn, Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 15 pp.: You had me at paradigm. Oh my god this is sexy stuff.
Cather, 90 pp.

NYRB on Arthur Machen
Arthur Machen, “Fragment of Life”, 113 pp.: This is one of the best of all of the Machen novellas that I’ve read.

Dust jacket of Arthur Machen's The Three Imposters, which I read during the month of July
Dust jacket of Arthur Machen’s The Three Imposters

Emily Hunt Kivel, “The Juggler’s Wife”; poems by Lucile Clifton, Charles Baudelaire (PR 233)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 56 pp.: Ho hum. Must I read more of these?
Cather, 27 pp.
Green, 12 pp.

Green, The Adventures of Robin Hood, 50 pp.: The things I do for love. The role that masks and disguises play. Similarly, there’s lots of heads to break …
Bud Smith, “Violets” (PR 233)

Police Story (1985): A strange scene near the end where Jackie Chan’s character totally loses his cool.
Death Race 2000 (1975): Better to talk about than to watch. Sylvester Stallone stars in, but David Carradine plays the central character.

The young master attempts an escape
The young master attempts an escape

The Young Master (1980): Early Jackie Chan film. Part of a retrospective available on the Criterion Collection.